Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby at 20 weeks.

Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby's legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the "crown to rump" measurement. After 20 weeks, he's measured from head to toe.)

He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system। He's also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels, and you'll see it in his first soiled diaper (some babies pass meconium in the womb or during delivery).

Yah!!!!!!!!! Half way mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pink or Blue

So today was the big day. Are you all as anxious as we were! Let's start with a few different views.

Here is a view of the baby's foot!

Here is a side profile! Anxiously waiting are you!

Another side profile just closer up! Am I driving anyone nuts yet!

So like I said my husband was positive it was a boy. He has called it a boy from day one. Which I thought was kinda ballsy. Because I didn't want him to get his hopes up so high that he was very disappointed. He told me that he would be disappointed for a short while but if it was another girl he was okay with that. The last two days we have asked Kaylee if she wants a baby brother or sister. Usually she will say whatever you said last. So this time she said baby brother. We asked brother or sister and then sister or brother and her response was baby brother both times. I don't know if she really knows what that means but it is cute that is for sure. Oh was I suppose to be announcing something. That is right I was going to announce if we will be keeping pink or buying blue!

Well the verdict is in and............................................................................................................................................................................................................

We will be buying BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Andrew Joseph aka AJ will be joining our family the end of March or very beginning of April. Let's just say that my husband is very happy. THe baby is doing very good. He is growing good. His arms and legs are actually 95%tile for his gestational age. My dr said that is tall. Well for those of you that don't know us well my husband is 6ft 4in, his older brother is 6ft 6in, his younger brother is 6ft 10in, his dad is his height and his mom is 5ft 8in. So nobody is short in his family. And Kaylee has always been 75%tile for her height. So now I get to go through all of kaylee's older clothes find the one's that I want for keepsakes and then find someone to buy them or take them to a consignment shop so we can start getting a blue wardrobe. So there you have it. The big news for the day!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008 Strawberry and carebear!

Baby at 19 weeks

Your baby's sensory development is exploding! Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she may be able to hear your voice now, so don't be shy about reading aloud, talking to her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you.

Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato. Her arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of her body now. Her kidneys continue to make urine and the hair on her scalp is sprouting. A waxy protective coating called the vernix caseosa is forming on her skin to prevent it from pickling in the amniotic fluid.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Baby at 18 weeks.

Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long and he weighs almost 7 ounces. He's busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you'll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he's born. If you're having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you're having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them from you during an ultrasound.

A week from today is all we have left. To find out the gender that is. I am about crawling out of my skin at this point. I want it to be here so bad. And to see the baby again is just as exciting. And then to know I am half way through this pregnancy. The anticipation is driving me nuts. I hope this week and weekend goes by fast.