Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ignore the date on the pictures. It got changed on my camera. So it is not right.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

? 9 months ago

So I think we all at work have figured out what everybody was doing 9 months ago. We had many of the pic below last nite at work. We were having a hard time keeping rooms open. For awhile we had no rooms. But that has been the last several months. Average month is 300 babies.

So now that I can barely keep my eyes open. I woke up Tues at 11 am and am now going to bed on Wed 7:30am... I always do that to myself though. I never sleep the first day that I work a nite shift. I work again tonite. Then off for a few days. If I start to make no sense at all ignore me!!!!!!! I am going to bed now. Have a good day.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Mom Song

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Did you know and update

So yesterday was my 2nd meeting. I was so not looking forward to it. I had a stressful week at work last week. We have been so busy. 200 and some babies is 20 some days can make a person busy. So needless to say I didn't eat quite right. Then this weekend we had a wedding. Which Kaylee got crabby at and was kinda stressing momma out. So needless to say I didn't pass on cake. Plus we were gone all weekend. Ate alot of fast food cause we weren't home. So last nite I was expecting to either stay the same or gain. The scale was so nice to me. I lost 4 pounds which is a good thing. Cause the last time I joined the 2nd meeting I gained. Which I think is the reason I quit so fast. I got extremely discouraged immediately. So this was a good start. I have been behaving the last few days. So that is my update. Hopefully next week is even better.

Below is an email I got today from my cousin. It makes me sick that she is making that much money. I would die just to get enough money to be debt free, buy 2 nice vehicles and a new house. That is all I want. Do you think she would give to a good charity (HaHa)!

Oprah Winfrey made $260,000,000 from June of 06 to June of 07. Yes, on a check that would be Two Hundred and Sixty Million Dollars. Here is a further breakdown of her 1 year earnings.

Oprah earned:
One Year = $260,000,000
Per Month = $21,666,667
Per Day = $712,328 (that's more than the NFL league minimum for an entire season)
Per Hour = $29,680 (that's roughly the average yearly income for an american individual)
Per Minute = $494.673 (roughly an average persons weekly wage)
Per Second = $8.24 (That's right. Everyt ime Oprah breathes in and then exhales,, she makes around $16.48 cents.)