Wednesday, October 10, 2007

? 9 months ago

So I think we all at work have figured out what everybody was doing 9 months ago. We had many of the pic below last nite at work. We were having a hard time keeping rooms open. For awhile we had no rooms. But that has been the last several months. Average month is 300 babies.

So now that I can barely keep my eyes open. I woke up Tues at 11 am and am now going to bed on Wed 7:30am... I always do that to myself though. I never sleep the first day that I work a nite shift. I work again tonite. Then off for a few days. If I start to make no sense at all ignore me!!!!!!! I am going to bed now. Have a good day.


Tracy said...

That is ALOT of babies! WOWZA!!!

Jennifer said...

Sweet Dreams!

You certainly deserve a break, hope you can rest up with your next few days off :o)

Those babies are certainly blessed to have you taking care of them when they enter the world!

Dawn said...

I don't actually get to take care of the babies. I am a HUC(Health Unit Coordinator) Or in lamens terms a Secretary. When I work nites on Post Partum I get to go in the nursery and feed them change them and hold them. But I am not on Post Partum very often. I am on Labor and Delivery more. But I still love that sound. The first cry of life. It is the most awesome thing to hear. Knowing that 2 people are experiencing the miracle that God gave us. It gives me those good chills.