Saturday, June 23, 2007

Still Busy

So just as Kaylee was getting over her wonderful Croup. Daddy decided it would be a good time to get sick too. And I am talking on death bed sick. So sick he actually went to the doctor voluntarly. Let me tell ya people that is sick. It is like pulling teeth to get him to go and get his asthma checked on a regular basis. Also when he is sick he won't stay home from work. Okay mind you most of his illness' are cold chest type illness'. He has asthma, it was severe when he was a child, it has gotten better since he has gotten older. Okay the next thing is he works in a body shop. Paint dust all the wonderful things you shouldn't inhale especially if your sick. The first day of this misable illness this week he still went to work. I come home from work and he can't hardly hold his daugter. I told him to stay home the next day. Well he went to the doctor and believe it or not he was sick enough he stayed home. So that has been fun to deal with.

My mother in law is now home from the hospital. Which is a relief and not. I am still worried about the next few weeks to come. Her husband drives tour bus and is leaving the end of next week. So trying to find her help with dogs and house chores is the biggest worry right now. Her husband is going to be gone for a month. Her one son lives there but he drives truck so he is pretty much gone during the week. I plan on being there every day I have off, which I work 3 12hr shifts a week, so it is going to be interesting to see how the next few weeks go.

Other than that I don't know much else for now. Will probably post pics later. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Try to stay cool.