Friday, July 20, 2007

We are off!

Well we are officially going on vacation as of today. We are going to the cities with two other couples that are our close friends. One couple and us are camping. That is going to be interesting. The only good thing is that the camper we are using is really nice. Better than a hotel. We will be at a twins game tonite. And depending on how hot it is tomorrow the plan was to go to a car show. But the one friend is pregant and with Kaylee will be the determining factor if the girls and maybe 2 of the kids go to that. I am sure we will take in the Mall of America too. Monday is back home. It isn't terribly long but with an 11month, 2yrs and 5yr old it will probably feel very long. Will post pics when we get home. Have a good weekend everyone and try to stay cool.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kaylee playing with the puppy


FINALLY!!!!!! Even though most of you moms that have already experienced this will probably tell me I am crazy. Kaylee is finally getting teeth. Okay 1 tooth. I am so happy though. I know it is good the longer they are under the better the teeth but it is so hard when it comes to food. She doesn't eat baby food anymore. And finding foods that we eat that are appropriate for her is not an easy task these days. She wants everything that we are eating. And that is not always easy with no teeth. So I may be insaine for being happy but I am happy she is finally getting them. I also am glad cause I feel like she is behind when it comes to that. She is 10 months old. I know many her age and younger that have almost a mouth full of teeth. I know she really isn't behind but it just feels like it. So far we have had one bad nite and whiny crabby. I am sure I will be eating my words about this subject sooner than later.

So to the moms out there your advice with teething would be greatly appriciated.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Strange house

Isn't is amazing what some people can do! You hope they put that talent to good use.