Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sick of Sickness

Okay I want a show of hands! Who is so sick of this weather we are having? I know I sure am. Kaylee started with croup on thurs last week. It then turned into the worst head and chest cold she has ever had. Last nite I went to work for about 45 min. then they sent me home. I didn't feel the greatest when I left, and when I got to work I got really crappy. I started temping. So now I have a head cold, that I got from my daughter. So we are a pair today. She is getting better but slowly. I blame this dang weather we are having. I wished it would just knock it off and start getting warm out so we can open windows and air it out. I am so sick of sickness!


Jennifer said...

I'm about a month late on replying to this post,.... but I'm raising my hand high!

I've been sick every single month since January. And now, I'm getting another cold. I blame it on the weather too. Every time the weather changes from warm to cold, I get something. Erg!

Hope you are enjoying your spring!

nickernoodle said...

THanks for stopping by and you are now in my fav folder. I'm sure you are all better by now but I use the Zicam swabs in my nose and they work wonders!!! Maybe try that next time and see what you think.