Monday, June 23, 2008


So this weekend didn't pan out like I had in my mind. First off I worked thursday nite. So I got off work Friday morning at 6am. Had to go to a safety thing for work. So I got home about 8am. Then I made a special gift for a coworker. She had her baby that nite at work. Then I think it was 9:30am when I finally laid down to get some sleep. I slept until about noon. Picked up kaylee, after getting ready, from the neighbors. She is my backup daycare. Off to my husband's work. There got a chip fixed in the windshield in the van. Then me and Kaylee were off to go see the new baby. The gal I work with that is, they have a little girl that is 6 days older than Kaylee. But she wasn't there. After visiting for awhile we left and went to Walmart for some shopping.
Saturday my plan was to get caught up on laundry. I had put a load in the washer and was checking email. I went back to see if my clothes in the dryer was dry. Well now mind you I feel very sheepish about this. The washer wasn't running. I opened the lid thinking it was broke. Our water lines are really small. So the rinse cycle took a little longer to run water in. Well I thought it wasn't working at all. I turned it to different cycles and it would spin. So I called my mom. Her brother has an appliance store, that she works at. She told me they had a washer for us. So then I called my husband and was telling him what was going on. While on the phone with him I was back looking at the washer. I shut the lid and low and behold it started running. Dummy me, it was unbalanced. I forgot that it stops when it gets unbalanced. Which for an old set is pretty good. So they we weren't going to get the new one, but my mom convinced me to get a new pair. It was a good deal, my uncle would take our old set in on trade and he would drive from Madison to Centerville to fix them if something happened. So we got my brother in law to help us, by using his pickup for the trip. We loaded them up and got our first new set of washer and dryer. The old set was in the house when mike moved in. Which was over 10 years ago. We did find out that our old set wasn't probably running the most accurate. The new set is awesome. We got a Whi*rlpool. So anyways that is what we ended up doing on Saturday.
Sunday we had a family reunion. After coming home I decided it was time to take Kaylee to the pool for the first time this summer. She was ready to just jump in when we got there. We got in and she fell in and under. Then we were scared. It took a little while but then we tried again. As long as I was right behind her she was okay. Then eventually I was just along side her. She was loving it. She did swallow her fair share of water. But for the most part liked it alot. If you ask her she went wimming. So that was our weekend in a nut shell. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.


Jennifer said...

I just love new appliances! When we moved in to our house, it came with a 70s avecado green oven. Thankfully, my husband's parent's were eager to get a new oven so they gave us their old one. It works great, and it's white ;o)

We also benefited from their move when their old washer and dryer wouldn't fit in their new laundry room --- jackpot there! They have all the bells and whistles --- too bad I hate doing laundry! ha!

Thanks for checking on me with my stupid ankle. It's still quite swollen, so I'm stuck in the boot for a while.

Anyway... hope you are having a great week!