Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So the next week is going to be so so busy I think I will probably end up losing my mind. I can see it already. I work the next four nites in a row. Have one nite off then work Wed nite. When I get off work Thursday morning I don't get to go home and sleep I get to stay awake for 2 doctor appointments in the morning. Then I still don't get to go home and go to sleep. I have to find time to spare until the afternoon until another appointment. I then get to go home and by then I will probably crash. Then Friday and Saturday I will be getting ready for Kaylee's b-day party. I am getting excited for that though. So that is what is upcoming for us. If I don't get any posting the next week that is why. I will for sure post after the party.