Monday, March 02, 2009


So today was my dr appt. I was a little worried since I woke up at 2:30 am having contractions. I ended up taking one of my pills. I took a shower thinking that might help too. A few of them I had were quite painful. Which they haven't been painful yet. I finally got them to calm down and went back to sleep. When I woke up at 8 am I started having them again. Again I took a pill and it seemed to calm them down. I have had a few through out the rest of the day. She is going to keep me on that pill. And since it doesn't take anything to make me contract she has me off work now. She really wants me to be 36 weeks before they don't stop it. So as for now we are just staying home. Being have and taking my pills as long as it isn't really hard labor. She said that the pill I have isn't going to stop the hard labor contractions. So we are byding time right now. She would love to see me at 37 weeks. So we will see what happens. I will be 36 on thursday. I then have another dr appt next Tuesday. So we will see what happens. Even though I am in pain from the hip and pelvic pain I am following the rules and trying to keep him in there as long as possible. So it is day by day now. My mom said when I told her that I am so tired cause I am not sleeping at all because of the pain. She said that maybe that is God's way of preparing me for a baby that doesn't sleep at nite. Which might very well be true. I don't think we can get as lucky as we did with kaylee. So that is the plan and what is going on right now. I will keep this updated. So keep watching one of these days soon it will have pics of this baby that thinks he needs to try to come earlier than he should. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and watching for what happens. Prayers are good too. I will make sure I follow the rules too. So until something new I will update when something happens.


Jeff and Erin said...

I'll pray that your little guy stays put for awhile yet! I'm sorry you are on bedrest...that's not fun!

Take it easy and try to rest as much as you can!

Kari said...

I tried to call the other day, but you didn't answer. Keep us updated, and try to get some rest!