Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baby Update!

We had our follow-up ultrasound yesterday. It was good. The baby's heart rate was 174 the first time she checked and 173 the second time. So that is alot better. The cutoff for to high is 180. They don't like to see it there or above. So it was probably cause it was an early ultrasound. So that was good to see. The ultrasound tech that did it this time was alot better. I told her I wasn't happy the last time. Cause she did it so fast we didn't hardly get to see the baby move. She checked alot more of the baby this time than the last gal did. Right at the end of it she switched to 3D but it didn't work cause the baby started moving. It slept through the first part. Go figure it didn't want us to see it 3D. So I am relieved. I have another appointment the end of the month. I will actually get to see my doctor. I have had to see her PA's cause our schedules don't mesh. So it will be nice to acutally get to see her. So everything is going good. I even think I feel it move already. I know it seems early but they did say since it is my second pregnancy that I know what to expect it to feel like. Unlike the first pregnancy. She did say I would possibly be able to feel it alot earlier than the last one. So that is cool. So that is what I got for updates. I will post my weekly development on thursday. Hope all have a good week. I work tonite thru thursday nite. Long week.


Tracy said...

I am glad your ultrasound went well!! Things do happen quicker with the 2nd pregnancy!


Tess said...

Whew, what a relief. Glad to hear all is well!! I am excited to hear how it goes your second time around since I haven't experienced that yet. I might actually learn something! :)

Thanks for the update!