Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well lets see we are trying to have a baby too early. I worked all weekend. I started having a pain in my groin Friday. I thought I pulled a muscle but how was beyond me. Every time I try to move I am in pain. Doesn't matter if I am laying down, sitting or standing. It has just gotten worse everyday. I wasn't trying to complain cause I don't want to be a big baby and a whiner. Well Sunday nite at work it must have irritated my uterus enough to make me start contracting. I ended up a pt instead of working. I work on Labor and Delivery, as a secretary, at the hospital I will deliver at. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes. I was glad my dr was on call to, so I got to see her. I told her about my pain in my groin and pelvic area. I described it to her as it feels like my pelvic bone is being cracked in half. She said oh yeah that is because of your pregnancy. She said that your ligaments slowly relax to get ready for delivery throughout your pregnancy. Well in my case they have loosened to fast. So in turn causes this pain. She said she has had other women come in in a wheelchair to their appointments cause it can get so bad that they can't walk. Unfortunately it probably won't get any better either. So she gave me a shot of medicine called terbutaline to stop the contractions which it did. She told me she would like to get me to 36 weeks if I go early. She also said I am one of those lucky women that has a uterus that lets them feel everything. She called it a twitchy uterus. Yah. Well I went home and Monday only had a couple contractions. Tuesday I woke up had a few before I went to the dr. They said to try to stay quiet. Well I had a funeral and prayer service to go too. I did good for the most of the day. I started having contractions at 6 that nite. By the time I headed home I was having alot. I wanted to get home and take a shower and lay down cause I had been up all day. I thought it would help to lay down. They finally settled down at about 11 pm. I woke up at 5:30 Wed morning and just standing making toast I started having them again. From the time I woke up to 7 am I had about 3 which isn't really enough to worry about. From 7 to 8 I had 4. I was told by my dr that if I had 4 or more in an hour to call and come in. Well by the time we got on the road to go in I was having them pretty much every 2-3 minutes again. So we were back on L & D. Another shot of terb. And they stopped. I was sent home on the pill form of the terb and on bedrest til Monday I am assuming. I have a dr appt on Monday so we will see what she wants to do after that. I am 35 weeks today. When being checked I have dilated a little too. Which I know you can be dilated for a long time. But with being it is my second pregnancy and having contractions like I have had they are a little worried about my cervix changing and they don't want that to happen yet. I am dilated to 1 1/2 and 70% effaced(thickness of my cervix). That is the bad part. The nurse yesterday said the good part is you are getting close to where in a week they will just let me go, and with being my 2nd pregnancy and being dilated already it probably won't take much for me to get delivered. She has been there for years so she kinda knows that stuff. So we are trying to stay as quiet as can be, especially with a 2 yr old at home. I have so much stuff to get done before the baby comes too. So I am try to just do the light and little things to get ready. My husband will be busy this weekend with the big stuff. So I will update what I find out on Monday at my dr appt.


Kari said...

Remember it's called "bed rest" for a reason: you are supposed to REST! If you don't get everything done before the baby gets here... he won't care. :)

Jennifer said...

praying for you!!

if you get a second while laying in bed, you can check out our church's internet campus so hear our Pastor's Sermons from our Marriage Series:

(if you click on the title "Bringing Sexy Back pt 4 of 5" - it will take you a list of the sermons on a side bar.)

keep up posted about your baby boy :o)

Jamey said...

We moved out blog. Our new address is:

Have a great weekend!