Monday, August 13, 2007

big moves

So I haven't blogged in awhile. Sorry for those of you that do read this. Which I don't think is alot. Anyways. Since we went on vacation we have had big change happen. First of all I will start with my husband reacting to me working nites on weekends. The weekend after we went on vacation I worked. I worked 3 12 hr nite shifts Fri., Sat. and Sun. He got pissed and threw a fit. Which in turn pissed me off right before I went to work. So that made me even more mad, cause he made me go to work mad. Well I choose to work nites on the weekends cause of daycare. If I work nites during the week I wouldn't get to see my daughter for two days. Which I think is unfair. So on the weekends he is home and I can at least see her before I go to work and after I get home for awhile. He had a fit cause he had to stay in the house all day and all nite with his daughter. Remember his daughter. He was mad cause he couldn't go do stuff without her. To make a long story short I switched my weekends around but don't think it will stay that way.

Well in this process of him staying in the house all weekend he had to see what are house is starting to look like. We live in an old trailor house for those of you that don't know. It is starting to really show its age. So this was one of the deciding factors in my husbands big move. Which is he is taking a different job. My brother works at a body shop at a dealership and they had an opening. He told my husband about it and told him that he should apply. Well after the weekend in the house he decided to apply. This was not any easy decision for him, he has been at his current job for 13 years. It consists of his boss, him and one other guy. So he is good friends with his boss. So it was very hard for him to do this. Even though his boss has mentioned at least weekly since Kaylee has been born. That he wants to get out of the body work. He always talks about closing the shop. So my husbands job has been on edge to what his boss is and was going to do all the time. So this new job has benefits where as the old one didn't. He will get paid 2 dollars an hour more and in a year it will be 2 1/2 more. It is closer to SF. Which in turn is going to be a move to a closer town to his job. Which means a new or newer house for us.

So that is the big news in our family right now. He starts his new job next Monday so cross your fingers for him that he makes the transition smoothly.

Also another big event is in 15 days we will be the parents of a One Year Old. Lots of changes in a year. They grow up so fast. But I love to watch all the different stages and milestones. It is amazing how they catch on to things. Well hope everyone has a good week.


Yentl said...

cool blog

Tracy said...

Good luck to your husband in his new job! I hope the transition for the WHOLE family goes smoothly.

Kari said...

That's exciting news! I hope things go well for you. I know you've been concerned about being in your small trailer, since before you even got pregnant. I think once you get moved, everyone will be more comfortable.