Thursday, August 16, 2007

childhood Illness'

Okay so why is it that every illness my daughter as gotten in her first year of life as to be viral. "There is nothing you can treat this with." I am beginning to hate that comment. Last Sunday Kaylee started running a temp.. Monday evening still running a temp. Took her to Acute care nothing was found in blood work just watch her. Tuesday seemed fine, ran a low grade temp all day but not as bad as the 2 days prior. Also very clingy not wanting to play and slept alot those 2 days. Wed. daycare called she is all blotchy on her face. I went out to look at her, NOT GOOD. All along her hair line in her ears down her neck, around her eyes. Checked her tummy(had somewhat of a tiny pinpoint red dots on tummy Monday nite, dr said it was from heat). Her tummy was covered with this pin point rash. Took her to the dr he took one look at her and knew exactly what it was. Sixth Disease is what he called it. Also know as Fifths Disease or Roseola. Here is a description of what it is:

Sixth disease: A viral disease of infants and young children with sudden onset of high fever which lasts several days and then suddenly subsides leaving in its wake a fine red rash. The causative agent is herpesvirus type 6 so the disease is known as Sixth Disease. Also known as Exanthem subitum (sudden rash), Pseudorubella, Roseola, Roseola infantilis, and Roseola infantum.

Below are some pics I found on the net. The one of the tummy is what Kaylee's tummy looked like. The one of the side of the face, Kaylee's face didn't look that severe more blotchiness than the rash. The doctor said by Sat or Sun it should be all done. I hope now that we will be one these dang viral infections become much less. I did take pics of Kaylee but don't have them downloaded yet. I hope all you mom's out there don't have to deal with this. It looks worse than it is though. The rash doensn't even bother her.So another childhood illness to record in the baby book.


Tracy said...

Dawson had fifth disease awhile back. It's not fun when whatever they have...there is nothing we can do about it. Hang in there. I hope Kaylee feels better soon!!