Friday, August 31, 2007

One Year Old

I know I am behind on my dates. But I have been so busy that it isn't even funny. Our angel turned One on Tuesday August 28th. We didn't do much on Tuesday. Cause we are having a b-day party with both sides of the family on Saturday. She turned one and now she is a walking fool. That is all she does most of the time now. We are still a drunken walker but it is so cute. I remember the day she came so vividly. It was a moment that changed our lives, and for the good. She has been a very good baby. Rarely is she crabby. Everyone always says you are so lucky to have such a happy baby. She is a precious gift from above that is for sure. So even though I am late Happy Birthday my sweet and precious Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just minutes old!!!!

Meets mommy for the first time!

Cradle Roll pics.

I will post more pics from her party after I get them.


Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE!!! Great job on the walking...